Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some frequently asked questions about our services.
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What Locations and What Types of Projects Do You Work On?

We work on projects across the entire Northshore of New Orleans including St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Livingston, and St. Helena Parishes. We take on both Residential and Commercial jobs, both big jobs and small jobs. Just call us for a free estimate,  (985) 516-2121.

How Do I Start the Process of Getting a Septic System?

The first step in Louisiana is to go to the Environmental Health agency for your parish and apply for a permit. The parish sanitarian will visit the site and determine what type of system is needed for the site, including size. You will then be issued a permit for the septic system that includes all of the information we need to evaluate the site. We will then set the price for your septic system and schedule the installation.

Are There Steps I Can Take to Keep My Septic System Working Properly?

Yes, there are things you can do to minimize the wear on your septic system. Grease and bleach are two things you should aim to keep out of your system. Frequent and heavy use of bleach and household cleaners will kill the bacteria needed for them to work properly. You will notice more of a problem with odor if the bacteria balance is thrown off. For the ATU, keeping a regular pump-out schedule will help the system work most efficiently. Some products are marketed for septic system health. Be sure to use them in septic systems only and NOT ATUs. Those products are the wrong kind of additives for ATU and will only increase the frequency for pump-outs in ATUs.

Grease and oils can wreak havoc on septic systems if allowed to enter the system unchecked. It can accumulate on the walls of pipes and tanks causing blockages and it can disrupt bacterial life, robbing the septic tank of one of its chief functions. You may consider a grease trap to keep your septic system free of this problem.

What are the Advantages of using your Bush Hogging Services?

Bush hog mowing involves the use of specialized mowers to cut down tall grass and underbrush in areas that have not been mowed or maintained for long periods of time. At Breland Services, we have the bush hog mowing equipment needed to handle large commercial or residential mowing projects of nearly any size. We offer bush hog mowing of tall thick grass and brush for both commercial and residential clients. Our bush hog mowers offer more power than traditional mowers in order to cut through tall, thick grass and weeds as well as brush and saplings up to several inches in thickness. If you have a property or piece of land that has not been mowed or maintained in sometime, our bush hog mowing services can remove thick brush from overgrown property in order to improve the value and appeal of any land. Our bush hog mowing services are available for all types of commercial or residential properties.


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